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About us

Vloggers. Content creators. Storytellers. 
Hi there you found us!
We are Maryas family and this is a quick intro for you.
Our family of four consist of  Yasir, Maryam, Malak and Yousif.

We wanted to create a new possibility to our life a possibility  of  happiness and connection.
The first thing we chose to do is to spend more time together as a family and to sustain this we needed to create something in common that we all love.
We took our first actions toward this possibility on march 2021 by creating our Youtube channel
(Maryas Life).
Things started opening up since we began this journey, so we chose to go all in, build a brand and grow to the level that sustain this brand on the long term.
So far it's been a great journey filled with fun, excitement, disappointments, challenges and growth. this is just the beginning to our journey and we invite you to joins us!
We promise to stay true to who we are and grow together, to provide better content for you!
Thank you for your support ❤

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